Entrepreneurs’ Risks

How much risk do start-up entrepreneurs take when they start? Take Ventures Capital.  A VC with USD 50M goes all around across countries and regions, see through 5,000-10,000 ideas within its first 4 years before settling with a portfolio of around 25-50 investees.  Per 10 deals, hopefully one will hit big. …


5 key lessons I’ve learned in my half 20s: (5) Life Learning

Reflection Table

Actively growing up is a wonderful process.  Something just occurs miraculously and so naturally in your mind when you try to catch the reflections and lessons as time passes by.  I learn to cut the craps and live a much simpler life.  I see the why and the essential-whats beyond …


5 key lessons I’ve learned in my half 20s: (4) Dealing with Uncertainty

First CJS Sales Mastery Event, early July 2014.  Most of the team and its close supporters.

  What did it feel like when I decide to leave VI Group, a notable private equity house in Vietnam, to run my own start-up ventures on the end of raining November season of 2013?  After all of the exciting feelings of walking life my own way, I feel scary.  …


5 key lessons I’ve learned in my half 20s: (3) [Strategy] Position and Combination


  At early afternoon in November 15th last year, I was in working room of my boss, LP, co-founder and MD of VI Group as well as my ultimate mentor in VI Group.  We were having a discussion about modelling the production scenarios for the factory’s new product.  We wanted to …


5 key lessons I’ve learned in my half 20s: (2) Awesome people with awesome things


This is the one principle that I will strive for my whole life to live with: doing awesome things with awesome people.  Interestingly, this principle is best illustrated under another VC (Venture Capital) principle: “Idea is a dozen a dame, only execution counts”.  I just have given you the idea …


5 key lessons I’ve learned in my half 20s: (1) Survival

Eagle Wolf Shark

I have always been an optimistic dreamer.  The advantage of being an optimistic dreamer is that I never have to learn about following my passion and thinking weird.  To a dreamer, it just happens naturally.  However, the will to go against conventional thinking and make awkward key decisions not only …


Life Wanderer

Life Wanderer (ePNX Theme) – Tri Ton “… For the piece, I composed it under the influence of a soundtrack format.  In the movie, a theme song of a character will be played most of the time the character appears.  So basically, the structure of the piece has no ending. …


Le Viet Hong in Life In Technicolor II

For Hong, for this picture I will only nominee myself to be the second most handsome :-)

Viet Hong and Anh Uyen happen to be my top care couple personally and top respect business persons professionally.  I have the privilege to work with Hong under many angles.  Started with the ambitious Green Bike project in 2007, when Hong united a team of young, inexperience, and dynamic individuals …