Le Viet Hong in Life In Technicolor II

For Hong, for this picture I will only nominee myself to be the second most handsome 🙂

Viet Hong and Anh Uyen happen to be my top care couple personally and top respect business persons professionally.  I have the privilege to work with Hong under many angles.  Started with the ambitious Green Bike project in 2007, when Hong united a team of young, inexperience, and dynamic individuals to do what New York is doing now with its CitiBike (that I paid USD ~30 for a week of riding bike around Mid and Upper Manhattan).  The project failed – but what remains remarkable is after years, the team now has feet in Cambridge and Harvard and has minds being entrepreneurs and deal makers.  What awes me all of the time is how he gathered the team at the first place.  Besides being an entrepreneur at heart and co-founded DeltaViet, Lifebox, iTracker, and Cloudjet Solutions, he walked from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi in 3 months to raised a cancer fund.  We have never had a boring conversation and Hong’s ideas challenge mine all of the time.  Hong, as with other people I (luckily) have, makes me feel it’s the most awesome thing in the world to have the most awesome people around you and going into the same awesome direction for what matters.

3:23 AM – Jan 27th 2014, Portland, Oregon – USA

Life In Technicolor II & Now My Feet Won’t Touch The Ground – Coldplay

Tri’s Piano Cover on Viet Hong & Anh Uyen’s Wedding on March 2013, Presidential Club 1960, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tri Ton

Businessperson with private equity expertise. Interested in strategy and investment.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words . I think it all started from the Green Bike project. Quynh Anh invited me to join as the project is very meaningful and the guy (means Le Viet Hong) is very weird. lol. Yes, it has been 8 good years, hopefully with the advance in future technology we will have 88 good years ahead .

  2. nah, from beginning it's my idea then I found out about Vélo along the way 🙂

  3. Hue-Tri Ton-That you know, that's why sometimes I thought you guys look like a couple with the endless conversations. :)) jk

    Honestly, I found some interesting and good things from my hubby that I can learn in life, but you are the one that I admired in some ways at the very beginning since 2006. A guy with critical and logical thinking, an ambitious and smart head, a can-do attitude. Oh God, it just reminds me that we've known each other nearly 8 years already. How long have you known my "anh map" Tri nhi?

  4. The idea of GreenBike came from Vélo project in France.

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