Portland Birdview

Portland is a weird and interesting city. Excepting from its raining that depresses me every time, it is a beautiful city with old architecture at downtown and exceptionally nice people. Even though Portland is not a major financial center such as New York, not a main management consulting hub such as Chicago, and not the future of US such as Bay Area. It retains some of US’s largest and notable corporations’ factories and headquarters (Nike, Intel, etc). Before my trip back to Vietnam in Late Feb. Coincidentally I had a very nice conversation with Kurt Welty, Commodity Manager at Intel, on his trip to Las Vegas. He led some of large negotiation deals in Intel strategic sourcing all around the world. I didn’t miss the chance to learn about his experience through his sharing, on what are perceived to be his largest interests around his negotiation tables. What he likes and what he doesn’t. What he did and what he is going to do. We talked and shared about schools, works, countries, travels, markets, and everything during our waiting time before boarding. It’s not always that warmness when you go around, here and there. But mostly if we dare to explore, turn to the next person and start a conversation – I believe those meetings are the best presents that we take home. – 2013 Feb

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