Tri Ton

Welcome to my notebook – a place contains my personal stories and thoughts across journeys.  The notebook is divided into two main sections: (1) Writing – contains most of my thinking and (2) Picture – showed in “Explore:” prefix – contains most of my life, people, and travel stories.  The Writing section will be also divided into 3 main categories:

  • Global Macro – Macroeconomic major events, politics, history, and current flows.
  • Investment – Conceptual philosophies, policies, analysis, and strategy.
  • Nomad ThinkingGeneral personal thinking and feeling about life, business, and the world

The Picture section is somewhat more straight forward and is further classified into 4 sub-categories: (1) Life, (2) Nature, (3) People and Culture, and (4) My Exploration.

My personal philosophy centralizes around freedom and finding the truth.  I believe in meritocracy, free will, and uncertainty.  This website serves as a reflection of my thinking and wondering throughout my journeys rather than a structural document of what I know.  I hope through my stories, I can share another perspective of life and make the world a better place.

I’m a venturer and am active in both financial and venture market.  I believe business is a great medium to express thinking, to fight for a cause, and to push humanity forward.  I’m currently active with Altair Ventures – including Altair Alpha, Altair Industries, Altair Expeditions, and Altair Cliff Associates.  Each of these Altair company is active in a different business vertical, from industrial trades to consumer goods.  Altair Ventures reflects my beliefs into commerce potential between the United States and Southeast Asia/Asia Pacific, where I come from.  Concurrently, I also serve as a Board Member of Cloudjet Solutions (“CJS”), a venture-backed cloud-based firm that provides management applications in Human Resources to small and medium businesses in Vietnam.  Besides Altair Ventures and CJS, I’m active in identifying and engaging into high growth ventures.  My past and current engagements includes alternative energy / agriculture, media, and consumer goods.  I started my career as a private equity professional at Vietnam Investments Group (“VI Group”), a premier private equity firm in Vietnam specializing on expansion capital with USD 300M asset under management.  My private equity experience included strategy, valuation, and negotiations for prospect and portfolio investees as well as serving as Deputy CEO and Board of Director of the largest VI Group’s pharmaceutical/agricultural deal with 9 M&As.  Prior to VI Group, I was an Executive Board member of AIESEC Ho Chi Minh Local Committee, serving as Vice President of External Relations.  I am an AmCham Vietnam’s Scholar and has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from International University – Vietnam National University.

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“(Tri) You are not willing to just accept life for what it is, but want to make it what you want.”
– 2009, Dr. Charles Leonard Wilson – Professor, International University, VNU –

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